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Pricing sessions by Yoga Hands 

Transformational Bodywork and Stress release by Yoga Hands takes time. Longer sessions are the most beneficial rated and rewarded with more healing on a deeper and subtle level. Taking responsibility for your health and choosing a fluid pain-free body, is like going to the gym or yoga more than once. Take your power, choose you 🙂

Want a surprise or give an introduction to Yoga Hands? Order a giftcard for your beloved ones, any value by choice.

1 uur (60 min)€ 90,00
1,25 uur (75 min)€ 100,00
1,5 uur (90 min)€ 120,00
2 uur (120 min)€ 160,00
2,5 uur (150 min)€ 200,00
3 uur (180 min)€ 240,00

Payments done for 3 or 5 times in advance is committing yourself to preventative self-care and rewarded with resp. 5 or 10% discount. Prices are included with 21% BTW.