Alchemy of Touch

relaxing and therapeutic

Love yourself and happiness will follow..

Working with massage and/or Yoga will create a bigger understanding of your body. Yoga Hands guides you with handing out tools to work with, for self-healing and preventing any inconveniences.

Alchemy of Touch is transformational bodywork that helps you to connect with your inner world. Everybody experiences stress and the physical and mental body is expressing this in blocking of energy and we feel pain, restrictions in movement or mental restlessness.

Alchemy of touch is a combination of joint release, Thai yoga stretches, deep tissue (myo)fascia- and visceral (belly) massage is covering all. Side body work for mummy’s-to-be or to work more in dept for specific relief of back and shoulder pain. Helps with shoulder, hips, back-and neck-pain, good to take after work-outs or just to relax. Feel happy, free of pain and most of all fluid in your body.

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My massages are tailor made with a holistic approach, always relaxing and therapeutic.

  • relaxation, prevention & healing in general
  • Stress release: combination of massage & yoga
  • shoulder- and neck problems
  • lower back issues (illiopsoas): often arising from too much sitting, gathering stress and shortening of hip flexors
  • immune booster: strenghten immunity by Aromatouch with essential oils, Guasha, cupping
  • removing pain & blockages: physical- and energetic body
  • pregnancy: mummy’s and mummy’s-to-be
  • belly massage: visceral relaxation and trauma release

Yoga Hands adds tools like hotstones, essential oils, Guasha and the Chi vitaliser to deepen your experience. To benefit more and gain the maximum result of a single session.

Sessions by Yoga Hands

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