Yoga Hands


The art of movement & touch

The body is like water – it must be fluid to work optimal.

Unwind & (re)connect with yourself by Alchemy of Touch Transformational bodywork.  Enabling you to feel free in your body and to still your mind. Alchemy of Touch is a mix of deep tissue, fluid touch, visceral (belly) work, joint release and (myo)fascia release.

Fascia or connective tissue is the glue in our body where all the fluids and energy of the body is stored. Like a spiderweb running from our toes to our head all through and around our body parts and organs. It is our inner architecture and internal communication system, like an Inner-net. If the body feels stuck or pain, this is mostly felt in the fascia. The parts will stick or glue together at some point and must be unglued -by movement & touch- to feel free and mobile again.

Massage & yoga by Yoga Hands will help you back to your blueprint with your maximum free range of motion again. Massage and yoga are both ancient wisdoms that raises consciousness in body and mind: It shines a light onto our inner worlds and unconscious body. 

The essence and importance of touch is an often forgotten healing- and preventative method in our Western society. Touch is essential for our health, although often considered as  a luxury while thinking differently will bring you a painfree (long) life as luxury! We nourish all our other with food, sound, smells, imagery- and our minds are constantly stimulated. Our biggest sense organ of our body left out, all the layers of our skin! 

When we are able to listen to the signals of our body and we create space and fluidity, we are able to connect with our inner true Being and live our full potential with joy. 


Deborah Hoeks

Deborah Hoeks

More than a decade I am working as a yoga teacher and massage therapist. Pure interest since a young age in sports and anatomy made me – during my career in (sports)marketing and communication-  dive deeper in the research of the physical body and developed a new passion in life combined with a spiritual practise. 

I am a mom of 2 beautiful boys and nurturing them with loads of love. In daily life we all have our struggles and rushing from here to there with a fluctuating stress level. Bringing this stress level down as often as possible is key to stay healthy. Bringing back the presence and full attention to what we do or experience is a way for me to balance my life.

Meditation and yoga are tools that I use myself daily and wish to share these with my surroundings to bring back attention, space and movement into our lives and bodies.Yoga is like massage from the inside, shining a light on our inner world and body. 

Massage – especially Alchemy of Touch- is an art that helps you to (re)connect with your inner world. I am in love with the art of touch which is helping people from the outside to transform the inner world back to its essence and becoming aware of what is happening inside their bodies and mind. 


Mission: To help humanity to re-connect with themselves, in our full Being. Remembering that our existence and happiness is when our mental, physical and spiritual bodies are aligned. Seeing and feeling our true nature of love and light. Restoring our universal minds and raising our consciousness.