Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions Yoga Hands
Booking a session is also confirmation of your knowledge of these common general terms and conditions ☺

♣ Before a first massage / treatment I will briefly ask a number of questions to get acquainted and to make an inventory of any complaints. Based on this, we may draw up a treatment plan.

♣ Before and after each session (massage and/ or yoga) there will be an evaluation of how the experience has been. 

♣ Any information you provide to me before or during the session will be completely confidential and will never be provided to third parties without your consent.

♣ Are you being treated by a doctor, physiotherapist, specialist or other, and / or do you use medication? Consult this if you can be massaged during the treatment period.

♣ Massage Practice Yoga Hands will never claim to be able to cure certain illnesses or conditions, although will promise you that you will feel better in your body & mind. ♣ Massage practice Yoga Hands refrains from making medical diagnoses. Advice and treatments are based on knowledge gained in practice and certified trainings in bodywork and anatomy. 

♣ The client is responsible for the information and the accuracy of it that he / she provides to me during the intake interview, so that I can conduct the session as responsibly and safely as possible.

♣ The client uses the services of Yoga Hands of his own free will and at his own risk and therefore cannot be held liable for any damage caused before / during / after participation / use in / of treatments and / or services. Massage practice Yoga Hands is not responsible for damage and / or injury as a result of withholding medical information such as physical and / or mental disorders, injuries and use of medication.

♣ Massage practice Yoga Hands is not responsible for damage, theft or loss of personal belongings of the client in and around the practice.

♣ Out of respect for your privacy and tranquility, you are kindly requested to switched

off or silence mobile phones, pagers, etc. just before the start of the massage.

♣ Appointments made can be cancelled free of charge up to 24 hours prior to the appointment. 50% of appointments canceled within 24 hours will be charged to you. Missed appointments will be charged 75%. If you are unexpectedly prevented, not feeling well or ill, please contact us to reschedule. Also the option to have someone else go to the massage appointment in your place. 

♣ Ethics and hygiene are of paramount importance at Yoga Hands and I expect that from you too. 

♣ From a hygiene point of view, it is expected that you have showered just before the treatment. 

♣ Massage practice Yoga Hands reserves the right to refuse clients. 

♣ When making an appointment, your email, address and telephone number are always requested for my administration. 

♣ Mutual respect in a safe atmosphere for both you and me is a matter of course during a massage. 

♣ Yoga Hands ONLY uses organic oils and creams; in case of allergies (i.e. nuts in case of Almond oil) make sure you share this with the intake.
♣ Price changes are reserved. 

♣ Payment is made in cash or direct transfer via mobile phone immediately after the massage.