I am Deborah Hoeks

More than a decade I am working as a yogateacher and massage therapist. Pure interest since a young age in sports and anatomy made me – during my career in (sports)marketing and communication-  dive deeper in the research of the physical body and developed a new passion in life combined with a spiritual practise. The art of movement and touch! 

I am a mom of 2 beautiful boys and nurturing them with loads of love. In daily life we all have our struggles and rushing from here to there with a fluctuating stress level. Bringing this stress level down as often as possible is key to stay healthy. Bringing back the presence and full attention to what we do or experience is a way for me to balance my life. Life brought me the opportunity to share this knowledge and after some time working in different places teaching yoga and giving massage sessions.

Meditation and yoga are tools that I use myself daily and wish to share these with my surroundings to bring back attention, space and movement into our lives and bodies.Yoga is like massage from the inside, shining a light on our inner world and body. 

Massage – especially Alchemy of Touch- is an art that helps you to (re)connect with your inner world. I am in love with the art of touch which is helping people from the outside to transform the inner world back to its essence and becoming aware of what is happening inside their bodies and mind.